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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fluffeh wuffeh.

I'm afraid of being a geek. I think geeks can be cool people, but I don't like the idea of being labeled as one myself.By geek, I mean someone whose expertise and knowledge of the cyberworld has incredible magnitude, and we ignorant peons must believe the word of others when it comes to purchasing electronic goods.

But I do like reading my dad's gadget magazines.(Ipod stuff!)

But I do have an affinity for MP3 players,particularly Ipods.I will feel ignorant if I do not know about the latest model of Ipod that has been released, its functions, memory space and price.

But I'm no purist. (I can see Alex blamming Apple as we speak.) Seriously though, I wish I knew about the Zune before I bought my Ipod (Microsoft! In your face Steve Jobs!)

I'm not going to list everything I know about Zunes( which is not much *ignorance*) but its supposedly more user friendly.

What brought this audiophile rant you ask? The Mall is having ANOTHER computer exhibition (what? Fourth this year?)

That aside, I'm just going to try and fill up space here by listing a bunch of things that happened in the past few weeks.

Exams are over and results have been returned.I'm not pleased with my general perfomance at all, but I passed history for once so that wasn't so bad.

My results are as follows :-

Maths - 34 (improved,but not enough)

English - 79 (consistent)

Malay - 50 (dropped a little bit,but mostly the fault of my lousy puisi skillz)

Economics - 35 (Blardybasket I actually studied for this!)

History - 47 (IMPROVEMENT : D )

Commerce - Forty-something (DROPPED! NOOO)

Comb.science - Forty-something again (Consistent)

That's all I can remember for now.

Have to go get ready for tuition later. Taa!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

This was meant to be on the 21st then 22nd, but I was cut off at both attempts. So.....


P.s I got poked in the boob o.0

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Perhaps I was overreacting.

But I'm just going to think for a while.

One week left to decide.

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I'm considering resignation from the english club.

Its not their fault the PA system in my class can barely be heard.

And its the councillors to blame for being too lazy to look for me for the photo.

But if nine years of commitment is suddenly not worth being spared that little bit of effort, I say I rethink my CCA choices.

Call me overdramatic, say I'm over reacting, I'm not stopping you.

But I've been with them before the LitFest was barely a concept.

When I wasn't good enough to be considered for presidency or the secretarial position, I smiled and nodded.

When I got to be Games Co-ordinator, I was so glad to finally have a hands-on experience for this club.

But when it was finally decided I'm not worth looking for, I've had it.

I'm not saying I want someone else's position, I've just lost all reason to stay.

Considering my passion for the languae, it tears me up to say that I've got no reason to stay, unless I'm convinced otherwise.

Maybe its the councillors to blame, maybe I'm just not worth it, it could be that's I'm just having a hissy fit, oreven just being emotional after a really bad day.

Maybe this is too much fuss over one photo.

But considering my previous commitment to the club, I must say that this burns me up inside.

Thus, I'm considering resignation.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm back!

Hey everyone, back from Singapore!

Awesome as always, with just one awful part : the leaving.

But all good things come to an end.

But I am not without some cool swag :

T-shirt dress

New shoes

Dance shoes

300 Soundtrack


High Society : Passion (Its a compilation of songs)

Bunch of books


And a bunch of other stuff.

It seems people have been doing this 6 weird things about your self thing,I shall jump on the bandwagon and succumb to this listing.

1. I'm fussy about open doors or ledges hanging open. If my room door or someone else's is slightly ajar, I have an urge to get up and close it.Oddly enough, this doesn't apply in school.

2.I bop along to the music whenever I start listening.I usually find I'm moving accordingly to every beat without realizing (this is rather amusing to watch) and yes, this has happened in public.

3.I have a tendency to repeat myself intentionally under my breath.Can't remember why I do it.Just do.

4.When it comes to movies, I usually end up favoring dark haired broody antagonists (i.e Murtagh,Phantom of the opera, Jean-Francois de Moraingais) over blond,blue eyed nancy-boys(Eragon,Raoul, Gregoire de Fronsac)

5.I get really uncomfortable when people crawl under my bedcovers wearing clothes they've worn outside, it makes me feel icky.

6.I have an allergy to IndoMee that ranges from mild to Holy-Crap-What-The-Hell-Are-These-Bumps-And-Is-My-Face-Swollen? It itches to think of it sometimes.

Well,thats about it for today.

P.S I couldn't find rainbow suspenders =(

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey you.

I'm back.

I've just recovered my GCSE registration form, two days before the deadline.Go figure *rolls eyes*

One, if you count the fact I won't even be here by the 29th.(I think)

I'm going off to Singapore for the weekend, and I'm NOT showing anyone my math grade till we get back.

No way am I jepoardizing the first actual holiday I'm going to have in MONTHS.

It has been MONTHS and I have yet to fly off to some exotic (read: revolting brat cousin-free) location and wear the metallic strip off my dad's credit card.

Ha, I miss those days.

Test results are below par, unfortunately, but I may have scored a credit in Malay and English? Not exactly happy, but a credit's a credit.

Combined science may be a pass or a fail, depending on how low Chem pulls me down and Commerece was a pass.

Economics? History? Bleh.

That's all I have to say for now, my freaky darlings, but I shall return eventually.


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Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm reeeeally not supposed to be online right now so I'm gonna be brief.

Haha. I miss you too Esty.

*Bonks Alyssa back*

I'll do a real post tomorrow.

I'll try to anyway.

I miss a certain someone.

But like heck I'll tell him, he'll think I'm some kind of creepy stalker.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I feel distant.

I don't mean that I haven't been speaking to anyone, because I've been going about my usual routine and speaking to all my friends like I normally do.

But I just feel so far away all of a sudden.

I don't really understand it myself.

I'm not going to go on about soul-searching journeys and what not.

But I need closure.

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Ugh.Its her.

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